Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorting Colors

Keeping Xander busy while I'm doing school with Sophie is proving to be a challenge.  He likes to have his crayons out, but doesn't like to color.  "Mommy, color that one for me.  Now color that one for me.  No, not THAT color!!  THIS color."

I noticed he will spend lots of time just shuffling his crayons around, so I decided to do a little sorting activity with him, as Sophie worked.

Lesson:  Sorting Colors

Objective:  Child will create groups of colors that are the same shade.

Materials:  A piece of paper.  Crayons.


  1. Draw an oval on the paper.  
  2. Direct child to put all the blue crayons in that oval.
  3. Draw another oval on the paper.
  4. Direct child to put all the green crayons in the oval.
  5. Repeat with different colors. 

A fun activity for Xander but, I have to admit, it lasted about 2 minutes.  


  1. Fynn kept himself busy with unix cubes. I let him play alone and then we worked together. Fynn stays more focused when his hands can stay occupied.

  2. I really like what you're doing with Fynn. I don't really have a lot of inspiration for Xander.