Friday, August 19, 2011

Hands On Mapping

In order to make the concept of maps more concrete, we made a map with electrical tape on the living room floor today.

Lesson:  Make Your Own Floor Map

Objective:  Child will understand that a map is a pictoral representation of a real place.  

Materials:  Masking or electrical tape.  Scissors (optional).  Dolls, dollhouse furniture, Legos, blocks.  Construction paper.

  1. Review the concept that a map represents a real place.  Revisit the maps from the books you read, and the map you made of your room.
  2. Using masking tape, outline a large square on the carpeted floor.
  3. Ask child to direct you in where to block in each room.  "What room do you want to add first?  Where should it go?"  Suggest doors, windows, and halls as necessary.  
  4. When the map of the house is completed (it probably won't look like the floor plan of any 'real' house), encourage child to furnish the house with dollhouse furniture, or make his own out of Legos, blocks and construction paper.  

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