Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Counting By 10's With Base 10 Blocks

I love, love, LOVE Base 10 blocks.  So simple, so diverse, so easy to use from beginning counting all the way up to multi-digit multiplication and division.  It follows that I LOVE my library, because it provides a set of Base 10 blocks patrons can check out - free!

Lesson:  Skip Counting By 10's

Objective:  Child will identify groups of units of 10, from 10 to 100.  (two 10's are 20, three 10's are 30, etc)

Materials:  A set of Base 10 blocks (1's and 10's).  Sticky notes.  Marker / pen.


  1. Review that 10 one units equal one 10-stick
  2. Write '10' on a sticky note.  Child matches one 10-stick to the sticky note.  (If you put the sticky note on the table 'upside down', it will stand up facing you like a little flag)
  3. Write '20' on a sticky note.  Child matches two 10-sticks to the sticky note
  4. Repeat the process until you get to 100.  
  5. Keep reviewing as you add each number, encourage child to guess what comes next.  Point out the pattern:  '10' has a '1', and uses one 10-stick.  '20' has a '2', and uses two 10-sticks.  '30' has a '3', and uses three 10-sticks, etc. 

And here's how Xander kept himself occupied.

One 10-stick was the bad guy.  It kept knocking all the other 10-sticks off the table.  

One last observation:  I love that none of us has to be really dressed in the morning before we start school. Sophie's garment of choice (in case you haven't noticed in the last posts) is a bathing suit.  Xander goes by the philosophy of less clothing is more.  And I just like having less laundry to do at the end of the day.  

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