Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing Place Value - Tens and Ones Game

After introducing the place value chart (PVC), we mixed it up a little with a fun 'game'.

Lesson:  Place Value Game

Objective:  Child will recognize the value of digits in two-digit numbers.

Materials:  PVC chart.  Base-10 blocks.  Squares of paper with 1 - 20 written on them.  White board.  Dry erase marker.


  1. Review place value by filling in the PVC chart, from 1 to 20.  Let child be the 'teacher', and tell you how many ones and 10s to put in each place.
2.  Draw a PVC chart on the white board.  Shuffle the number cards, and instruct child to pick one.  

3.  Guide child in re-writing the number on her white board PVC chart.  

4.  Say, "How many ones are in your number?  How many tens?"  Instruct child to count out the appropriate number of one units and 10-sticks, and place them on the PVC chart.

5.  Have child pick another number card, and repeat the process.  

Oops!  If she makes a mistake (and even if she doesn't), have her re-count the units in order make sure she got it right.  Practice self-check habits now, so that they will be instinctive later on!  (Algebra, anyone?)

Oooo, that's better!

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  1. Thanks for this post! The Carnival of homeschooling is up, and this post is in it. Please help us all out by spreading the word.=)

    BTW, I and a couple of my kids are somewhat TCK. My oldest girl cried and felt like she finally understood herself when she read the book.