Friday, August 26, 2011

Introducing Place Value - Tens and Ones (pt 2)

I'm debating as to whether Sophie is ready for this, or not.  I am beginning to think it might be a little over her head - either that, or she's decided she doesn't want to do it, and is resisting me.  That's the problem with schooling your own child - the parent/child dynamics sometimes get in the way!  (Hence, the pouty face in the pics)  I've decided to press on for a few more weeks, however, and see if she 'gets it'.  If it continues to not sink in, I'll move on and come back to place value when she's a little older.

Lesson:  Introducing Place Value - Tens and Ones

Objective:  Student will recognize the value of two-digit numbers

Materials:  T-Chart from last lesson.  Base-10 blocks.  Writing utensil.


  1. Review from last time, filling in your chart from '1' to '10'.  
  2. Instruct child to count out 11 one units.  Line up a 10-stick next to the units.

3.  Point out that the 10-stick is the same as 10 one units, and substitute the 10 stick for the one units.  

4.  Put the 10 stick in the 'T' column, and the one unit in the 'O' column.  Say, "How many tens do we have?"  When child answers, "1", put a 1 in the 'T' column.  Say, "How many ones do we have?"  When child answers, "1", put a 1 in the 'O' column.  Then recount to reinforce that you do have '11'.  

5.  Repeat the process, going up to 20.  

Notice the better attitude in the last picture!  We quit at around 13, and came back to it later.  It's still a pretty advanced concept for her, I can tell, but frankly, it's good for her to be challenged.  Most things come pretty quickly to Sophie, and it's good for her to not understand something, and have to press through the frustration in order to figure it out.  I'm walking a fine line here between challenging her, and pushing too hard.  


  1. Go Sophie! You're an AWESOME homeschool teacher!

  2. Hi there,I really like your method of teaching place value. Thanks for sharing.

    How old was your daughter when you taught her this? Also are you working from a textbook? Where can I find out more about the method?
    Hope you don't mind all my questions :)


  3. Hi Umm Imaan, sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I got pregnant back in September with baby #3, and am just now feeling well enough to pick up my blogging again. My daughter was 4 1/2 when I did this lesson with her. I was not working from a textbook, just came up with it on my own, combining several techniques I used when teaching 2nd grade in public school years ago. The philosophy I always try to stick with is to always lead with hands-on activities for introducing (or building upon) new concepts. Hope this helps :) Email me if you have more questions -