Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading a Road Map

We're fixing to head out on a multi-state road trip next week, so Sophie and I pulled out the road maps we are going to be using, to plan our route.

Lesson:  Reading a Road Map

Objective:  Student will identify map symbols on a road map.

Materials:  Laminated road maps.  Dry erase marker.


  1. Observe the road maps with the child.  Identify which state each represents.  Identify roads, cities, mountains, airports, camping areas and rest stops.  
  2. Find your city on the map and draw a box around it with the dry erase marker.  
  3. Pick a destination city for a real or imaginary trip, and draw a box around it. 
  4. Together with the child, decide which roads to take to get to the destination city.  Pick out some places to stop the car for bathroom breaks, lunch, or to play.  

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